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Aadu Adoma is creator. Creator's right appears at the moment of creation. Creator's creation, content and creations content (textual, voiced, visual, audiovisual, physical, non-physical, digital, non-digital, algorithmic, conceptual etc) belongs exclusively to creator. Creator's exclusive right is to decide about any usage of creation, content and creations content (copying, reproduction, development, modification, using ideas in any form, any format, medium, shape, frequency etc).

Violation of creator's rights is forbidden and punishable. Punishment of offender/s will take place in terms of penalization based on the location of violation and/or in other location or means chosen by creator.

Creation, content and creations content on website is for visitor's audiovisual usage only. Visitor is not allowed to violate creator's rights for self-profit, profitable actions, commercial purposes etc. Visitor is not allowed to copy the content of this website digitally nor physically. Visitor is allowed to verbally and in writing share the address of this website.

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